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We are delighted that the Covid-19 restrictions are being eased much sooner than originally planned and we look forward to welcoming you back. Here are some ways that will help us to celebrate Mass together.

  • The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays is suspended.
  • Our experience of Mass will be different for many months yet.
  • Do your best not to block the doors entering and leaving.
  • Do your best to respect physical distancing.
  • Sanitise your hands on entry.
  • Please go to and remain in the place shown you by volunteer stewards.
  • Please leave patiently and promptly after Mass.

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Cherry Orchard is a beautiful name and indeed our parish is a wonderful place to live.

Life in Cherry Orchard is characterised by a network of residents and parishioners who are full of goodness, humour and determination to build a better future for an area bursting with young people and potential.

The people of the Most Holy Sacrament Parish, Cherry Orchard, aim to form a community where everyone is valued, supported and respected. As committed Christians, we will help each other to live the Gospel and build up the Body of Christ.

We will try to make our dream a reality by:

• Being a warm, welcoming, community.
• Providing meaningful liturgical celebrations, for Sunday Masses and other special occasions.
• Community and private prayer.
• Caring for the sick and housebound, trying to reach out to those who feel alienated.

In a spirit of love and hope we aim to enrich the quality of life in Cherry Orchard.

The parish pastoral council invites you to journey with us and join with us in important community inspired events such as our dedicated spiritual week known popularly as Candle Week.

If you would like to contribute to the Running Costs of the parish, it will be greatly appreciated.


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Please join us at 11:00am every Sunday for Mass live on Facebook