Our Safeguarding Policy Document is always available in the Sacristy and our Policy Statement is on our website.

The Parish Safeguarding Representatives in this parish work with Fr. Michael and the Parish Pastoral Council to ensure that diocesan safeguarding policies and practices are followed in this parish.  Safeguarding is all the things we do to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected from harm.  We were trained for this role and we have access to advice and support from the diocesan Child Safeguarding and Protection Service.

We wish to encourage and promote the participation of children, young people and vulnerable adults in the life and work of our parish.  Safeguarding is about creating an environment which facilitates such involvement so that all of us who are members of this parish community can grow together in love of God and service to his Church.  Everyone who ministers in the parish is a representative of the Church and must observe safeguarding practices and guidelines.  Good safeguarding practice is part of what it is to minister in the Church.  It is not an optional extra.

Dealing with the Covid pandemic has, and continues to challenge us as a parish. What were normal practices twelve months ago are very different today, as we look for different ways to engage with parishioners, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults. We must maintain our safeguarding practices so as to ensure the safety and inclusion of all our  parishioners.

The practices that we put in place in this parish, as in all parishes in the diocese, to keep children and vulnerable adults safe include such measures as:

  • Choosing carefully those who work with children and vulnerable adults in our parish, which includes vetting of those involved in public ministry;
  • Ensuring parish workers and volunteers behave appropriately towards children and vulnerable adults;
  • Making proper arrangements for activities involving children and vulnerable adults, including ensuring adequate supervision of such activities.

We can be contacted through the parish office. Contact details for the diocesan Child Safeguarding and Protection Service and the relevant civil authorities are on the notice in the church porch, and on our Website.

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To view a copy of the Safeguarding Document click here

The Child Safeguarding and Protection Service is available to provide advice and support to any person who is concerned about the protection and welfare of children and adults who are vulnerable or at risk. Andrew Fagan (Director) or JulieMcCullough (Child Protection Officer) are available during office hours on 01 8360314. They can also be contacted by email on: and

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