The parish lotto draw takes place each weekend. Envelopes cost €2 each and can be bought at the parish office or from people who have volunteered as sellers.

A group of people form a voluntary Lotto Committee. The group meets each week to oversee the weekly draw. A separate committee is formed to respond to grant applications when funds are available for distribution.

There is one main draw each week. If this is not won, the monies carry forward to the next week. Also, when there is no winner for the main draw, four small draws take place, eg, for €25. There is a draw every week for a Sellers’ prize.

How the monies are used: Monies from the Lotto are used to cover the running costs of the church itself, eg, electricity and heating. A percentage of monies raised are put aside and used to fund projects in the local area. Groups in the area are invited to apply for grants for specific needs. Under this arrangement, monies were distributed for the first time in 2018 and again more recently in 2023.

Information about the 2023 grants is available here