Cherry Orchard is a working-class suburb of west Dublin.  About 2,000 families live here. The Catholic church – Most Holy Sacrament Church- is at the service of the people of the area. Working together, we aim to form a community where everyone is valued, supported and respected and where the many and varied gifts of each person are affirmed and appreciated.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we value and welcome every single person. Together we will help each other to live the Gospel and to build up the Body of Christ.

The parish team work with the Pastoral Council to respond to the needs of the community.  Other groups come together to respond to specific needs.

On this website we aim to give basic information about the services available in the parish.

What People Say

“We have a very welcoming church.” “I’d like to understand better how God is involved in our daily lives and problems”
“I love the sense of community in our church. I look forward to going to Mass there”. I look forward to the day when women will be priests and deacons”.
Candleweek is great. I hope it happens next Spring again”.

Let’s build something together.

Cherry Orchard Parish shares a partnerships between local parishes in the Deanery of Maynooth. These partnerships will help each other through sharing resources, planning together for parish needs and particularly in investigating new models of pastoral ministry which would better suit present and future needs. Cherry Orchard Parish is partnered with: